Internet Marketing Companies Are Not The Same

There are so so many SEO companies out there. So many that promise you the moon and deliver nothing. And many of them are coming from offshore service providers that don’t show you really what they can do, and have very few real and verifiable testimonials.  Then when they work for you, they bombard you with spreadsheets, and google docs, and all sorts of information, and long lists of URLs to show you everything that they did for you and how much work they put in.  But at the end of the day, none of that matters, and none of that is a benchmark that matters.   Want to know the only thing they care about?

The telephone.

Is the phone ringing? Are they getting more leads? Is their business increasing?  That’s really the only thing that matters, the only real metric.  And really, to be perfectly honest, that’s not the real metric either. The ONLY real metric is money..   Are they making MORE as a result of the SEO / Marketing company’s efforts?  This is the one industry where you an literally draw a line directly from the work that an SEO company does all the way to the bottom line of the company.

An internet marketing company is really a lead generation company, and if they don’t talk about generating leads, then don’t hire them.  Backlinking, SEO, on page, off page, those are all techniques, those are not the goal.  It doesn’t matter how much they improve your metrics based on all the marketing tools and URL analysis tools they use, or what keywords they use.  None of it matters.  What matters is if they bring more business.  It matters if the work that they do really makes your phone ring, and brings you more leads that you can close.  More leads leads to more business, and more business leads to repeat business and referrals.  Leads are the lifeblood of any business and without them, a business dies.  They are the fuel that can change everything, and without them nothing grows and nothing changes.

So when you talk to an internet marketing company, check out your rankings in advance, check out your standing in the Google Maps (and the specifically, the top three, of course) and work with your marketing company to provide them what they need to increase your rankings, and be able to measure the effects of what they do..  They should increase your rankings, they need to get you to page one of the google organic listings, and they need to get you to the top three of the map pack for all of the most important keywords that people use to search for your business – and your internet marketing company should be doing an analysis of that before they do anything else, because if they get that wrong (and they rank you for the wrong keywords) then a lot of time will be wasted and your phone will not ring.

Meanwhile, here is an internet marketing company that cares about your business, and likes to make sure that their bill to you is the bill that pays all the other bills – because they generate revenue when they work.  That’s what all internet marketing companies should do.


Tips to Keep Your Valuable Data Safe

The internet impacted our lives massively with a lot of benefits and gains, but the internet also has a dark side where personal privacy has been lost. Our data is the most important and valuable thing we have on our computer or network, as it is unique and includes are personal and confidential files. We don’t want to lose our data or have others view it without the authorization. So here are tips to keep your valuable data safe from getting lost or having unauthorized access.

Have a data backup

It is important to have a data backup every time or anytime you create a new confidential data. It is better to have that backup as early as possible. Use online backup utilities that you can download, or purchase a hard drive where you can store large amounts of your file. Having a backup will help you retrieve data that has been deleted accidentally or have been corrupted.

If you’re not familiar with backups, Professional IT Services can install Cloud Back up on your computer system – this is recommended especially for businesses.

Take precautions when browsing the web

Since users use the internet for mostly browsing, it can also cause harm and big problems for us losing our data. We have to be aware of links or sites we go to or the data we give to some sites who cause malicious activities. Clicking a link with a virus could have an intruder enter your data and see all of it, or it could insert a worm that could eat and delete all your data with you not knowing how to stop it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Choosing your password

Make sure to not make your name or your birthdate your password, or even anything that you have detailed in your social media accounts or email accounts. It is better to have sentences or phrases even if it’s meaningless. Meaningless but better.

Password protected document

Use a  password for each document or file folder you have to ensure safety. It can stop and prevent intruders unless if the intruder has the right tool or skill.

Double-protection system

Have a double protection system for your data, don’t just have one password designate another security layer, making it safer and to add another layer protection from intruders.

Check your installed applications

Make sure your tools, utilities, or other applications in your computer or network are free from viruses or malicious data. Check every installed application first to be sure, do some research or run a system check to be sure. You might not know that you have installed a malicious file, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Purchase an antivirus

Install an antivirus to keep off those intruders away. From time to time, make sure to update your antivirus or purchase a new one. Since intruders or hackers could enhance their skills and create tools that your antivirus could not fight against. So update your antivirus once in a while.

Don’t share accounts

Even if it’s your best friend or sibling do not ever share your account with anyone especially if it provides confidential data or if it will. You may never know if that person will use your account for malicious things because of desperate needs, or if you had a fight with that person, he or she may use that as a weapon to attack you. I’m not telling you to not trust anyone, but you know, sharing them an account could cause you problems.

Reasons Why Internet Marketing is Important

hand pointing on graph with laptop internet marketing

Nowadays in the modern digital era, Internet Marketing plays an important and essential role, especially to businesses. If you plan to improve your business and increase your profit, Internet Marketing will be of great help. It will help improve your business’s visibility, engagement with potential clients, traffic, and especially your sales. Giant companies are starting to recognize the importance of this – big or small company, internet marketing can really make a huge impact. Here are reasons you need to know why Internet Marketing is important:

Broad Reach of Audience and Increase Visibility

One way to increase your sales is to reach a huge number of people to market to. With Internet Marketing, even your small start-up business can reach potential clients around the world! You don’t need to go through those permits of going around the world to reach them. What’s good with some famous social platforms is, you can even customize your target market – which makes your ROI faster.

Your brand will achieve a worldwide presence through different internet marketing strategies – showing your products or services to potential clients from around the world. With different strategies, you can also convert potential clients into customers real quick!

Connect and Engage with Customers

Internet Marketing allows you to connect easily with potential clients and engage with your customers. You can easily hear them out, entertain them, and build your brand more around them. People may tend to lose interest or maybe forget about your business – internet marketing helps you remind them of your business. Keep them updated with your latest offers, and continuously grow your brand awareness. Keeping them engaged over the internet may also be done with fun ways – allowing more users to see your posts, which then gathers more views and reach of potential clients.

Cope with Competitors

Small business startups may have a hard time selling to people at first. But with Internet Marketing and its endless platforms and strategies, it makes small businesses reach more potential clients. Through this, they can show people their brand and be able to prove why it’s better to purchase from them rather from mainstream big companies. Internet Marketing gives an opportunity to small businesses to compete against bigger companies.

Prove You’re Legitimate and Earn Trusts

No one wants to buy from an unknown and inactive business. Through Internet Marketing, a business can show people they are active and working to improve the business. The internet shows lots of ways to prove your legitimacy – through ratings, feedbacks, and such. Most people would prefer businesses with top ratings or at least positive feedback – knowing they won’t be fraud and would experience a hassle-free transaction.

Internet Marketing is in no doubt an essential for businesses nowadays. If you’re looking to grow faster and efficiently, digital marketing is one of the best ways. The proper tools and knowledge are just needed to level up at your internet marketing game!