4 Best Basic Tech Tools For Entrepreneurs In 2021

2020 has made one thing clear: Technology is the future. And this fact has been especially relevant for entrepreneurs. If you have a startup or small business I’m sure that in the last few months you have been relying on technology for everything business-related. 

Even the most traditional brick and mortar businesses had to reevaluate their daily operations and reorganize in order to adapt to the growing need for businesses to be present online and be super-efficient. 

When smartly used, technology tools can take your business a step ahead and promote growth and improvement. 

Here are 4 tools that have helped many entrepreneurs to organize, be more productive and effective on their day to day tasks. 

1. A chat platform.

Seems like a basic, but many businesses are still relying on email to communicate, which doesn’t make much sense now that there are many fast and practical options. Intra-company communication should be a priority as it affects every aspect of the company’s development. 

Besides, it can develop a sense of community and build strong bonds that will make your business an agreeable place to work at. And we can all agree that good and frequent communication never hurts any business, on the contrary, it makes it easier to work in unity.  

Some of the most common options are Slack, Microsoft Teams, Chanty, Hangouts Chat, Fleep.

2. Training software.

There’s no need for the employees coming to the team asking the same question over and over again. You can create lessons on a training software that they can revisit as much as they need to, and share with others as the team grows. 

Yes, you can have a zoom call and record it, but if you want to go the extra mile to ensure the future of your company’s onboarding process and development, then you’ll need tools such as TalentLMS, Lessonly, Tovuti LMS, Mindflash. 

3. Project management software.

Let’s just say that without it things can get a little chaotic. This is particularly important when your team is working remotely and your projects usually require team member’s collaboration. 

Tools like Trello, ClickUp, and Wrike can be really helpful to trace progress, and to keep everybody posted and accountable for their part in every task.  

4. File storage and access.

Having a backup of every important doc is key. Not only to safeguard your work but also to have an easy way to share documents with team members and grant access as need it. Another plus is working with colleagues in real-time, instead of sending a document back and forth. You can use tools such as Google Drive, Evernote, or Dropbox depending on your needs. 

Remember that making sure that you and your team have the right tech work tools will ensure a successful future in the digital world.